Mennen Medical Ventures is RCG’s new venture capital fund established to invest in medical-device start-ups so as to impact their development with the vast knowledge accrued in and derived from the medical devices division. Mennen Medical’s expertise will prove invaluable in such areas as R&D, production, regulation clearances, among others.
Mennen Medical Ventures’ first investment was Cardioscale. It is currently in the negotiation process with other medical-device start-ups.


CardioScale Ltd.

CardioScale is an Israeli medical start-up company. Founded in 2012, CardioScale developed and patented a new technology for the Cardio-Vascular Reserve Index (CVRI®) which evaluates heart failure severity and is used for early detection of cardiovascular deterioration and shock. CVRI-based devices evaluate, monitor and provide numeric results in seconds to improve quick decision making and disease management. Based on the CVRI® technology, CardioScale is currently developing innovative medical devices that will enable the assessment of a patient's hemodynamic status without taking invasive measures. The company, led by CEO Maoz Ben Ari, has successfully completed clinical trials in major hospitals and within the Israeli Defense Forces.

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