RCG’s medical device division includes seven companies and a total of ten distinct product lines. The distinguishing characteristic of all product lines is their remarkable technological superiority.
RCG’s medical device division focuses on wards and rooms within the hospital that require the latest and most sophisticated devices; these include the ICU, NICU, PICU, OR, and cardiology department among others.
Most companies in the division have been manufacturing medical devices for tens of years, providing the group with a wealth of expertise, know-how and insight into all aspects of the medical device arena.



Mennen Medical Ltd.

Mennen Medical is a leading global corporation that’s been improving the lives of doctors and patients for over 50 years, by developing patient monitoring, diagnostic instrumentation and clinical information systems for hospitals.
Through continuously developing and marketing cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology systems as well as patient monitoring and clinical data devices and software, Mennen Medical has become a world leader that is known for combining cutting-edge technological achievements with an uncompromising culture of passionate personalized care and customer service.
Active in over 50 countries worldwide, Mennen Medical has installed tens of thousands of life-changing medical devices in thousands of hospitals across the globe.
Among Mennen Medical’s achievements is its induction into the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame in 1998.
Mennen Medical Ltd fully owns several subsidiaries – including Mennen Medical Corp. in the US and Charter Kontron Ltd. (CKL) in the UK.

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Gerium Medical Ltd.

Gerium Medical develops, produces and sells state-of-the-art medical optic devices. Its revolutionary product, Bilicare, non-invasively measures transcutaneous bilirubin in newborns. Bilicare is currently being sold in tens of countries, mostly in cooperation with Natus Medical Incorporated – a global leader in newborn care.   

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Charter Kontron provides a wide range of medical devices and solutions, including patient monitoring and telemetry, clinical information and cardiology related systems for the UK and other international markets. Since 2007, Charter Kontron introduced thermoregulation to its line of products.

Charter Kontron, which was established in the 1970s under the name of Kontron Instruments, was one of the first UK based international manufacturers of patient monitoring equipment having produced such significant innovations as the single and dual trace patient monitors and the invasive blood pressure monitoring.  In 1988, the company developed the first modular patient monitor allowing “hot” swapping of modules, known as the Kolormon, deriving its brand name based on it being among the very first color patient monitors worldwide. Many of these products became global market leaders. With its current broad product range, Charter Kontron is positioned as a leading player in the UK market, offering innovative, comprehensive solutions for clients tailored to meet their specific needs.

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