October 18thth 2016,  Activocal, a leading provider of Assistive Living Technologies, announced today that it has acquired the NDU (New Designs Unlimited LLC) Intellectual Property (IP) assets of the SpeakEasy Media System, Darwin Wallet and Darwin Reader apps. NDU is one of the world’s main providers of computer access technology and operations systems, specifically designed for the visually impaired.

“Providing Assistive Technology for the visually impaired is a major part of our strategy. We are pleased to enhance our product offering for this important market, by adding the NDU’s portfolio.” Said Danny Harel, Activocal’s President. “One of our key objectives is to develop and deliver technology based solutions that will allow our customers to feel more empowered and independent. The Speakeasy system will be branded as the LapTalk system and we believe that this acquisition will help further these efforts”

About Activocal: Activocal is a leading provider of Assistive Living Technologies.  We are passionate about making day to day actions easier and safer for our customers. Our mission is to harness cutting edge technologies and provide useful and enjoyable products for those in needs. Activocal Company is part of the Redworth Capital Investment Group.

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